Group composition

The CML-MPN Quebec Research Group consists of hematologists from the majority of hospitals in the province and have specific expertise in CML and MPN.


Board Members

Dr Lambert Busque

President delegated to the aspect of translational research – Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital

Dr Pierre Laneuville

Secretary & Vice President delegated to relations with the pharmaceutical industry – Royal Victoria Hospital

Dr Luigina Mollica

Treasurer & Vice President delegated to networkingMaisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital

Dr Robert Delage

Vice-President delegated to relations with the authorities and laboratory aspects – CHU de Québec  Enfant-Jésus Hospital

Dr Harold Olney

Vice-President delegated to  treatment guidelines – CHUM NotreDame Hospital

Dr Sarit Assouline

Vice-President delegated to clinical research CML – Jewish General Hospital

Dr Shireen Sirhan

Vice-President delegated to clinical research MPN – Jewish General Hospital

Dr Natasha Szuber

Vice President delegated to continuous medical education – Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital

Voting Members

This status is available for local principal investigator participating to the group Registries. They represent the other members of their establishment and they have administrative responsibilities. Thereby, they are invited to attend the annual meetings of the research group.

Regular Members

The nomination of a regular member must be recommended by one of the six members of the board. This member has no administrative responsibility, but may be called upon for their scientific / medical expertise.


The CML-MPN Quebec Research Group is be open to the entire community with an interest in CML and NMP including medical specialists, fundamental researchers, pharmacists and nurses. These guests will be able to participate in various activities of the group.

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